Increase Focus, Mental Clarity & Alertness where it Pays

Give yourself a lift with Big Ox O2. Overcome afternoon, evening and late-night fatigue when you keep a canister of 95% pure oxygen at your desk. With Big Ox O2 high-purity oxygen in a convenient, portable canister you can stay sharp all day.  Big Ox O2 is a safe, healthy, caffeine-free energy boost and recovery tool that helps eliminate the mental cobwebs, so you can function at peak mental performance.  Typically, all that is needed  is three to six inhalations.  However, the amount you truly need depends on your body’s unique oxygen requirement, as well as the ambient air quality.

Big Ox O2 works by restoring your body’s oxygen levels to healthy, normal levels — rapidly and naturally.  High-purity oxygen has been proven to:

  • Heighten concentration, alertness and mental clarity
  • Improve cognitive performance, including memory and reaction time
  • Sustain energy and vitality
  • Decrease workplace stress
  • Diminish the body’s exposure to stale indoor, or polluted air

Whether you’re facing a Monday morning meeting, or the typical, late-day energy slump, Big Ox O2 will help to ensure that you're on top of your game when it pays. Mental clarity is critical for maintaining focus and productivity during the work day. Big Ox high-purity oxygen can help you breathe easier while navigating the stresses of modern life.  Big Ox O2 is also a healthier alternative to caffeine and other energy stimulants, so you can feel energized without any side effects.

Keep Big Ox O2 at your desk for an immediate, on-demand boost throughout the day.  High-quality, canned recreational oxygen from Big Ox is quality-controlled, filled in the U.S., and 100% recyclable.

Many reasons to breathe Big Ox O2

Long days...Short nights...Overworked...Stressed...Staying up too late...Waking up too early...Too much partying...Too little rest...Lack of exercise...Poor air quality...Jet lag...Fatigue...

Experience the Power of Big Ox O2 - Optimizing Output