The founders of Big Ox O2 identified a need for the general public to gain access to high-purity oxygen while working in the Medical Gases and Home Respiratory Industries.  As passionate drinkers of coffee and energy drinks, they realized that the use of the products were causing negative, undesirable side effects, including heart palpitations, agitation, gastrointestinal discomfort, headaches, and tooth enamel decay.  Having manufactured and distributed Medical Oxygen USP for many years, they knew the benefits of high purity oxygen and strongly believed that an opportunity existed to introduce the general public to the benefits of 95% pure oxygen in a legal, safe and recreational fashion.  The founders of Big Ox O2 tested the impact and efficacy of recreational oxygen in several studies.  The positive results were remarkable – and it was clear that a market existed for portable oxygen canisters.  Shortly thereafter, Big Ox O2 was born.

  • Boost Oxygen levels and PLAY HARDER

  • Boost Oxygen levels and FOCUS LONGER

  • Boost Oxygen levels and RECOVER FASTER

  • Boost Oxygen levels and LOVE LIFE


For nearly one hundred years, inhaling oxygen in higher concentrations has been used to treat respiratory and circulatory problems. The results of this study indicate that inhaling concentrated oxygen may have a positive effect on short-term recovery processes. Check out the research on how inhaling concentrated oxygen impacts performance.


Our Cans Are 95% High Purity Oxygen

The air you breathe is 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen, and !% Argon and trace gases.  BigOx provides you with 95% high-purity oxygen; a 74% increase from ambient air!

A Natural Pick-Me-Up

High-Purity Oxygen can improve brain and physical function, improving alertness, memory, focus, performance, and recovery.

Sustainable Performance

Oxygen can provide performance enhancing benefits without the unwanted side-effects associated with caffeinated and/or sugar filled drinks.

The Oxygen Advantage