Altitude sickness is often suffered by mountain climbers and extreme sports enthusiasts who ascend to heights of more than 8,000 feet for climbs, ski trips, and hikes.  It is also called acute mountain sickness for this very reason.  When we ascend the air around us thins, becoming less and less oxygenated. Our bodies require oxygen to survive and the sudden lack leads to the symptoms of altitude sickness. The key to avoiding it is to be sure you give your body a chance to acclimate as much as possible.  Boost Oxygen with Bix Ox O2.

The barometric pressure causes air molecules to expand in high-altitude environments.  Consequently, each breath you take contains fewer oxygen molecules. Big Ox O2 solves this “large air molecule” challenge by rapidly delivering enriched oxygen on-demand. Big Ox O2 is concentrated to more than 4 times the amount of oxygen in unpolluted air at sea level.  When your body is acclimating to a higher elevation without the appropriate concentration of oxygen, you may experience a lack of mental clarity, weakness, dizziness, and/or shortness of breath during exertion.  Some individuals even experience difficulty catching their breath when at rest. Boost Oxygen with Big Ox O2.  

People with medical conditions should consult a doctor prior to the using Big Ox O2.  Furthermore, anyone experiencing altitude sickness should seek immediate medical assistance.  Big Ox O2 is designed for healthy, active people who want a quick oxygen supplement at high elevations. Boost Oxygen levels with Big Ox O2.

Boost Oxygen with Big Ox O2 and take your performance to new heights!

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