Big Ox O2 offers a patented, sport-focused oxygen canister for elite and dedicated athletes aspiring to improve their performance.  Big Ox O2 is a necessity for athletes who want to excel in training and in competition.

Oxygen is the most important nutrient when it comes to athletic performance.  It drives your body’s ability to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate), inhibit lactic acid production, boost oxygen, break down lactic acid, and restore ATP levels during recovery. Hence, supplementing with high-purity oxygen is a game-changing factor for superior athletes.  

Big Ox O2 helps athletes improve their performance by boosting the body’s oxygen levels on demand — before, during, and after strenuous exercise. Every inhalation of 95% pure Big Ox O2 elevates your body’s power, increases endurance and speeds up recovery time.  Big Ox O2 is a critical weapon for dominating in tournaments and competitive events.  Big Ox O2 helps you refresh, boost oxygen, and restore fatigued muscles.

One canister of Big Ox O2 contains approximately 6 liters of 95% pure oxygen, which is approximately 70 inhalations.

Safe, Approved & Legal

Professional athletes commonly use supplemental high-purity oxygen.  NFL Football Players know it is important to be as fresh, alert and strong on the last play of the 4th quarter as it is during the kickoff, at the start of the game. They frequently use supplemental oxygen to boost oxygen on the sidelines to catch their breath faster and maintain peak performance levels.

Other sports have adopted the use of supplemental oxygen, as well, including the NHL, NBA, MLB, Professional Boxing, MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Competitive Swimming, and Track & Field.   Big Ox O2 will benefit any athlete competing in a sport where breathing may be compromised and there's a need to boost oxygen.

Supplemental High-purity Oxygen is perfectly legal.  It is not on the list of banned substances issued by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), as noted on their website -

Oxygen is extremely important for muscle performance.  Cellular respiration is the process in which your muscles use oxygen to produce ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) energy.  Typically, your body obtains oxygen from the atmospheric air you breathe.  It enters the blood stream and is carried to your muscles, where some of it is used immediately, and the rest is stored by a compound called myoglobin.  Whether you’re exercising or not, the oxygen in your body is used to break down glucose and create the fuel for your muscles called ATP.

During exercise, your muscles have to work harder, which increases their demand for oxygen. This is why your breathing and heart rates increase - to pull more oxygen into the bloodstream.  As you exercise, the oxygen that reaches your muscles never leaves, but rather sets to work immediately converting the available glucose into ATP.

So, what happens when your body runs out of oxygen, or your other systems simply can’t deliver it to your muscles quickly enough? Your muscles begin converting glucose into lactic acid instead of energy, anaerobic exercise takes over, power output drops and fatigue sets in.  Unfortunately, anaerobic exercise can only continue for so long before your muscles run out of energy completely and reach fatigue.  

Oxygen also plays a huge role in the recovery process because it helps restore pre-exercise ATP levels and helps your liver break down lactic acid into simple carbohydrates.  This is why so many high-level athletes do “cool downs.” Cool downs get more oxygen into the body after intense exercise where it can expedite the recovery process.

No matter how you look at it, the more oxygen you have in your body during and after exercise, the better you will perform and the faster you will recover!  Big Ox O2 is an optimal solution for supplementing your body's need for oxygen.

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