Hangovers are waste of time and productivity - and they're painful!  According to a study by the CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention), it was estimated that Hangovers cost the U.S. Economy over $160 Billion in lost productivity in 2015.

High-Purity, Supplemental Oxygen is the best prevention and remedy for hangovers due to alcohol consumption.  Prior to Big Ox O2, there were no portable, convenient and affordable products with a sufficient amount of oxygen available to the public without a prescription. It was impossible to boost oxygen levels.

Individuals with ready-access to Supplemental Oxygen (Policemen, Firemen, Nurses, Pilots, Doctors, Scuba Divers, etc.) have all attested to the terrific results provided by high-purity Oxygen in preventing and relieving hangovers.  The Science is extraordinarily simple - Alcohol leads to Oxygen deficiency. Oxygen increases the rate that Alcohol toxins are broken down. It takes 3 molecules of Oxygen to metabolize 1 molecule of Alcohol. When you boost oxygen you combat this.

For the best results, inhale Big Ox O2 deeply before you go to sleep, following a session of alcohol overindulgence. If you forget, inhale deeply and often the next morning to boost oxygen. The only note of caution is that you may never want to drink again without Big Ox O2 readily available.  It’s simple, safe, fast-acting and, of course, all-natural. Enjoy the night and be good-to-go the next day.  

Boost Oxygen with Big Ox O2 for Hangovers!

Anybody who went a little too hard and needs to rid a debilitating hangover.